How do I get access to the tools?

Access to the software is granted through a unique software key based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

We strongly believe in the concept of self-custody, ensuring that you have full control over your assets, including the software license itself.

The NFT Key associated with your software license is entirely yours to manage. You have the freedom to sell, trade, rent, or even gift it to others, empowering you to make choices that suit your preferences.

To further facilitate the exercise of your ownership rights, we are developing a dedicated NFT exchange where you can conveniently explore and engage in these options.

NFT Access Level

Once a software key is obtained, connection to the 0xPA website will give appropriate access to the wallet.

Access Level is determined by the type of NFT:

  • Crows Nest
  • Pirate Hat : Gold NFT
  • Pirate Hat NFT
  • Full Access NFT : Rentable
  • Rented access
  • Fleet

Crows Nest NFT

Status: Minted Completed

The original core members of 0xPA

All access, early beta testing, special project access

Pirate Hat : Gold NFT

Status: Currently Minting

All access, early beta testing, resalable

Pirate Hat NFT

Status: Currently Minting

Early beta testing access, unique indicator access based on rarities and specific traits

(rarities and specific traits are currently not released)

Full Access NFT: Rentable

Status: TBD

Regular use access and rentable

Rented NFT Access

Status: TBD

From the rentable NFT exchange

Temporary access as determined by the rental agreement

Fleet NFT

Status: TBD

Corporate or project level access